Howie Day Arrested In NYC For Allegedly Assaulting His Ex-Girlfriend

This is an awful look for Howie Day — and he’s allegedly repeating the shameful behaviors of a year ago, seemingly without having learned anything along the way.

The singer was arrested in New York City on Friday night after allegedly grabbing, throwing around, and strangling a woman during an argument at a hotel in Manhattan’s Financial District. According to TMZ, the woman reportedly requested medical attention as a result of the injuries during the altercation, as well.

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Per the police report, the woman who Day allegedly assaulted is apparently an ex-girlfriend of his — but it is not the same ex-girlfriend as the woman he allegedly assaulted at an airport back in 2018. TMZ did not name the woman involved here, but would only go so far as to say “one thing we do know for sure — the woman in this latest alleged incident is NOT the same as the one from 2018.” Interesting.

Anyways, law enforcement sources with knowledge about the events on scene after police were called are now reporting the Collide singer made things worse for himself when cops found Xanax pills in Day’s possession during the arrest. Day floated an excuse — “I take it before I go on stage” — but it’s unclear if there will be any repercussions for that, too, or whether the pills were part of a totally legal prescription.

Pills or not, cops took in Day on charges “ranging from assault with intent to cause physical injury, criminal obstruction of breathing and possession of a controlled substance.” He was reportedly arraigned on Saturday, too, though he has yet to enter a plea, according to sources; eventually, he was bailed out of NYC jail on a $500 bond.

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Considering his unfortunate history with domestic assault — including that infamous April 2018 incident caught on camera with a different ex-girlfriend — this is obviously a remarkably concerning pattern of behavior for the once-popular singer and guitarist. We can only hope something like this serves as a reality check of sorts. Perhaps it could propel him forward in a positive way as he continues to deal with the fallout, and the consequences of his alleged actions.

Any reactions from y’all here, Perezcious readers? Domestic violence and assault are obviously completely unacceptable at any level, and justice must be served here as allegations are investigated by NYC cops. Here’s hoping Day gets the help he needs, and his ex-girlfriend has the emotional, physical, and mental support necessary to get through this remarkably difficult and dark time.

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