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Top Bollywood News And Gossip Websites

If you are on the lookout for gossips and banter, then as an Indian you don’t have to look any further than Bollywood. It is as scandalous as it gets and there seems to be no end to the amount of gossip it produces. If you want to simply pass your time or if such gossips and cat fights interest you, then you can have a lifetimes worth in the area.

But what is the source of such news and gossip? There are simply a ton of websites that are created for the sole purpose of curating and reporting such news and some of them are interactive as well. For instance, Pinkvilla Guess Who is one such interactive piece of column where you can not only find the latest Bollywood gossip but also interact with the writer and readers about it.

Bollywood Life

Bollywood Life is a website that is jointly owned and operated by Mail.com Media Corporation and Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. And is registered under the name India Webportal Private Limited. It has a daily visitor count of 46 thousand and contains some of the most uo to date Bollywood news and gossip.


Pinkvilla is one of the best sources for gossip and news about Bollywood. As I said earlier, they have a host of interactive news pieces like the Pinkvilla Guess who, where in you try to guess the celebrity or brand they are talking about through the gossip or news they have posted. If you are looking for a time consuming and fun content, this the place you need to go to.

Times of India

The Times of India as the highest read newspaper in the world has little to prove. Its entertainment section in its news website is the same as well. It has some of the most mind boggling gossip amnd stories about Bollywood you will see. Although many of them are from shady sources or no sources at all, that is not what you go there for, right?

Bollywood Shadis

What started as a simple wedding day of life website has grown to become one of the ost well known Bollywood news and gossip websites in the country.  With an unassuming start in 2010 and following a trip of 6 years, they are today getting a charge out of more than 10 million guests every month on our site


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